On the crest of a wave.

The Intergovernmental Panel on Climate Change (IPCC) fourth report was officially published yesterday. The Americans posted their draft on the internet in 2006. Perhaps that was a nod in recognition of the reports relevance to their home affairs.

With the weight of scientific evidence that informs the report it will take a strongly motivated organisation to want to seriously question its authority. It would seem that there are not many credible dissenters though its probably important not to get carried out on a wave of acquiescence . So far I’ve not found anything that pulls together into a cohesive argument the critical opinions that are out there. On the other hand supporters of the reports message seem to be quite willing to sign their name for the cause.

There is perhaps a danger that with all this willing to recognise and tackle the problems it could all end up like a massively mismanaged aid effort that will overshadow the next 100 years or so, until the world gives up or we do. The Stern report advises that it will require global cooperation and partnership to effectively tackle the challenges of climate change. Looking at the state of world affairs today it does not seem likely we’re going to get anywhere far.

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