Painted Ice


These two photographs are from a series created by Masashi Harada using just paint and snow. Masashi applies paint to snow, ice, glass and to found objects. He composes images from the paintings he makes and photographs them to produce 20″x30″ prints. No digital work is involved.

Today a friend showed me some photographs he had made which were inspired by Masashi’s work. They were excellent. Some great ones of pawprints and abstract shapes with metaphorphic qualities you find in some of those popular illusions. Also showed me a few other shots he’d taken on the day. All of them were keepers – great work all round.


Sadly I don’t have any of the pictures to post but I hope that will not always be the case. He’s broadbandless at the moment and yet to get into the photo sharing thing on sites like Flickr or Zooomer. I’m pretty sure that’s going to change soon.

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