moving slowly


We are moving house. Ours went on the market just before Christmas. We accepted an offer in the 2nd or third week of January. Soon after that our offer on a house was accepted. We got a solicitor and the sale and puchase proceeded.

Our lender charged us for them to carry out a survey. They have a survey commissioned to satisfy themselves that their investment is matched correctly against the value of the house. They are very clear about the survey being limited and that it should not soley be relied upon. It seems a bit cheeky for them to charge me for the cost of reassuring themselves.

We found out yesterday that probate has not been granted on the house we are buying. That was the first we knew that probate was even a factor involved. The implications of this are uncertain as yet. Case of waiting for an update. The sellers agent told me that they were not aware there was probate. Seems that they should of and have also of informed us before accepting an offer.

The sale of our house is going OK. We are going to use a removal firm this time. When we moved to Chatham from Hackney we hired a 7.5 ton lorry. Bit more to carry this time although the distance is much less. Just up the road and on the right!


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