Five Preoccupations

Any thoughts on any of the following shall be gratefully recieved –

  1. Procrastination. Driven by an irrational fear of failure?
  2. Turn of stuff that’s not being used.
  3. What are the environmental implications of the global food system?
  4. T tests (paired / unpaired / two sample)
  5. Statutory notifications


  1. Procrastination – silent acknowledgement of having failed already??
    DOG eat DOG – Its like Fela said
    T Tests??? Explain??
    Notifications? like what — the facist pigs that provide me with a statutory notice that they now have the option, and will be exercising the same, to fleece me for parking a few metres away from a call out site at 23:17. the less said about them the better!

  2. Thanks Zimmer.

    Someone at work suggested that procrastination was like an insurance against failure. For example by putting off writing an essay until the day before it’s due I have a more palatable explaination for failing to do well than the alternative, that the coursework is beyond me. So its’s to cover up a fear of failure and looking bad? The last essay I wrote was a rush job the day before the deadline. It was marked 66%. I was expecting worse. The markers comments were helpful. Your take on it is a bit bleaker!

    t tests are a statistical operations to make an inference about a population from a sample. There are a a few types. The math is by default mechanical. It’s understanding the questions and choosing the correct test that I am struggling with.

    Notifications. This is work related. Providers need to inform the regulator of certain events. People like me need to make ongoing judgments of providers fitness to carry on a service based in part on evidence collected through such statutory notifications. My thoughts were to do with how providers will continue to make such notifications after 01/04/06 at which time the commissions work is transferred to another organisation. How will I get to know? Seems there should be a pretty straightforward process put in place but as yet I’m not sure there is one. We shall see…

    What you recieved was a statutory notice. I am not a *facist pig* but can send them out. For example a statutory notice that requires a provider to make specific improvements. What I I am wondering about is from the other direction.

    Good to hear from you Zimmer. Pay the fine and stop whinging like a baby!

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