essay thoughts : the global food system

What are the environmental implications of the global food system? Writing an essay on this title to hand in on the 6th April.

First thing to find out is what the global food system is understood to be. Discovered that it is what it says. A term used to describe all the factors incompassed in the production, distribution and supply of food stuffs around the globe. What there is now has evolved over the last two or three decades. The US and Europe have shifted quite awarkedly towards where they are now. Transnational trading has evolved through a quagmire of protectionist tariffs and quotas on a global playing field that is far from level.

This has all resulted in a few individuals, through their companies pretty much calling all the shots in the global food markets. All the likely suspects can probably be included in this powerful group. The aquisiton of food moves towards a privilege which can only be earned through the giving of cash. Many food producing nations are in a less advantageous position than the countries importing food from them. That seems like an unusual market situation be in. There are though big incentives to feed the rich especially  if your trying to join them at their table. Equally there are disincentives for the rich to expand membership to their club.

Suppose a global system should include some kind of understanding that links local and national food systems together in an identifiable way and compatible way. Would it be possible to achieve such a win win soloution?

Just starting to consider the environmental implications. Thinking about land use, environmental degradation and sustainable production capacity. Current drive for green soloutions and how this sits with different scales of production. The pay off between agricultural development and environmental degradation. The different perspectives and priorities of rich and poor countries concerning environmental degradation.

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