Using up the internet.

Here’s a few of the places I’ve been in the past couple of days. If I do any more of these you will quickly see I follow stories about climate change. It bothers me more than I want it to.

The pope has something to say about evolution and creationism. I’ve been reading a couple of skeptics blogs, Respectful Insolence and Skeptico, both of which are righteous in their scorn of all things woo hence why that story caught my eye.

The last link is Medway based and is not an environment story, Dickens World opens April 20th on the site of the old dockyards in Chatham. I’ll be taking the boys along sometime during the summer for sure.

Living on the edge: Indians watch their islands wash away

Global warming study warns of disaster in Australia and islands

Pope says science too narrow to explain creation

Help the seas to help us

Transport seen surging, damaging climate: U.N. draft

Re-brand global warming as economic woe: U.N. draft

Great Expectations for Dickens theme park

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