Medway’s Regeneration

To follow on from this post. The conservatives were re-elected. Smug in their victory and not slow to mock the efforts to unsurp them, the leader of the council, Rodney Chambers, was reported in the Medway Messenger as saying with reference to CRAG (Chatham Regeneration Action Group) –

…it’s what happens when people who aren’t politicians get involved in politics.

Alan Collins, has written a good deal more about CRAG’s lack of achievment on his blog Alan Collins’ Political Opinion. Though I don’t share many of Alan’s views I do agree with what he has to write about CRAG. They were a small group of local businesess looking out for nobody’s interests other than their own. As for the flyover. It’s being opened again this summer but for how long has not been said. Probably for only as long as the council takes to come up with a plausible reason to do another about turn. It seems to make this pallettable the tactic is to wrap the decison up in the guise of “public consultation” and then do whatever they like regardless. I suppose that’s alright though as it’s not as if a public consultation equates in any way to a promise to listen and take into account any views that are given.

Anyhow the council do what they will whether it be labour, conservative or any of the others. I’d put money on the flyover coming down in the next 12 -18 months and shall be glad to see the back of it when it does.The towns are well on their way to regeneration.

Today I came across this video on the BBC website. Whether as one lady in the video suggests that it’s all to good for Medway we shall see. Sprucing up the environment will be the easy task. My guess is that transforming down trodden and disenpowered attitudes will be the greater challange.

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Businessmen and women in all parts of the Country are the same – they only care about themselves and not real change that has greater benefit for the majority. They also fail to mention that they raised no protestations during the public consultation, when the idea of the two-way system and flyover demolition was first raised.

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