Packing up and moving on.

Things are moving. Well they will be at the end of the month. For now though things are in boxes. Lots of them. Nearly six months have passed since accepting an offer on our house. We are moving at last on the 31st May. Given that we are moving to an empty house and our buyers are first timers, six months seems like an inordinate amount of time for this process to complete.

The estate agent lived up to the reputation. Lies, promises, broken words, poor communication and excuses. Our solicitor has been well intentioned but forgetful and easily distracted. Those working for the other sides might as well be aliens on another planet with interpreting services provided via a call centre in Beirut. I think my obvious loathing and distrust for the estate agents did not help. Though I knew better I found this hard to conceal.

I shall be a bit sad to leave the house. It’s nearly six years from when we moved down from Hackney. Since arriving the families grown by another two boys. All three have grown up lots. I’m pretty sure they will have good memories of the time spent here. I’ve worked my way through decorating and DIYing every single room. The garden has been done. Really only finished everything about a year ago and now we are off. I’ll miss the view out the front windows looking over the Great Lines and to the hospital where the two youngest were born.

Anyhow its forward we go and onto our first four bedroom house with a runway of a garden. Lots of decorating to get done. Tha garden will also take a bit of work. I feel happy when I’ve been through the whole house as it’s only then that I feel like the house is ours. When all the dirt there belongs to us and not to the previous occupants. Kind of looking forward to getting stuck in again though know that it’s going to take a bit more than the novelty of learning DIY to keep me at it until the end.

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