30 *interesting* pictures in Flickrs explore

30 pictures on Flickrs Explore pages. 500 of the most *interesting* photos posted on any given day make it to explore. These are those of mine that have made it. It’s been around this number for ages. Used to be a lot less until they changed the way they worked out what *interesting* was. A lot of people were upset to see the amount they had in explore reduce dramatically as a result of these changes. It had the opposite effect for me. From about 6 or 7 it went up where it is now and remains there.

I got this screenshot as the first two pictures are of the same scene and taken at pretty much the same time. I took one with the OM1 and the other with the digital (which seems to be bust!). Seemed unusual to have two pictures together in explore in this way so thought it worth a mention. The links go to photopage on Flickr of each picture on the grid.

30 on explore

    1. contrast, 2. at last, 3. trentretro, 4. The Friday before Christmas, 5. they were already like that., 6. turner, 7. the doctor said I’d be fine in a week or two…, 8. the other hand,
    9. nine more minutes, 10. passing point, 11. Do I look fat in this?, 12. shhhhhh…, 13. that’s quite a show little fella, 14. dull & grey, 15. misleading, 16. templeman library,
    17. catching the breeze, 18. oilonwateruntouched4, 19. Evining ‘all, 20. …and try again tomorrow., 21. 1.618:1, 22. Knot your hanky; the suns come out again., 23. task in hand, 24. Gaelic Space Invaders,
    25. Grand Turk, 26. gasometer, 27. 11 floors to go., 28. Down the Line., 29. girl-with-lantern, 30. Ferryman

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