Moving House

So its the 21st June. Days get shorter from here on in. We have been in the new house for three weeks. Things are going well. I’ve been able to spend a lot of time at home doing jobs about the place.

The move went very smoothly. The removal men arrived at 08.30 and worked hard to get us out of the house by 12.30. I only had to dissasemble one additional item than I had already. Makes me proud that we got the piece up the stairs in the first place! I think back and wonder how is it that Monica and I got the wardrobe and chest of drawers upstairs yet both had to be taken to bits to get them down again? Must be something to do with the physics of moving home no one ever tells you about. 

I picked up the keys of the new house and we were in the door by 1pm. The removal men spent all afternoon unloading and left us with everything done at just before 5pm. Boxing clever I think you could call that.

Have to mention the estate agents. We signed up and new how much they would take to sell our house. Beyond the marketing they did nothing. I think perhaps it’s easy to expect that they would do something more. Whether they should or could do more I’m not sure.  Just seems to me they charge a lot for what amounts to taking a few pictures, having them published and mailed out and then fielding a few enquiries. At a rough guess I ‘d say a days work tops to market and get a buyer for our old house. It’s that the market is ruled by estate agents is what I think is wrong. As a end note my impression of estate agents before this move was that they tell lies at the drop of a hat, that they take no responsibility for anything to do with a sale, that they have an excuse for any and all shortcomings on their behalf and that they act as though they are doing their customers a favour. My experience this time has done nothing to change this view.      

We packed everything up over a period of about 3 -4 weeks. It’s taken us about that long so far to unpack. Most of the boxes have now gone. Difficult to know what to do with them all – we had loads. Put them up for grabs on the local freecyle and they soon went. Had to get rid of a lot of other junk that was left in the house. Had some help from Shaun on the day. As the removal men carried our stuff in Shaun and I was carrying stuff out to take to the tip. Old beds, furniture, TV, fridge… 

That’s it for now. More to write about but will make another post before this one gets too long.