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I’ve been occupied elsewhere. Exploring ipernity. I like it. Think it may become a new online home for my pictures and videos from the mobile. Also provides the functions to write posts such as you would find in this blog.

See now there’s the thing I’m not yet decided on. Whether to take this site offline and start writing any posts I have to my account on ipernity. I have enjoyed learning the basics of wordpress and setting up this blog. I think I will keep it for the time being.

On another front I’m about to upgrade my camera. If you follow any links to my pictures you will see I like to take pictures and process them through photoshop and the like. For just over two years I’ve used a panasonic fz5. Have always been pleased with it.

Over time as I have learned more about photography and using the camera I have also become aware of the fz5’s limits. That said I was not about to upgrade by choice. The camera broke. I managed to fix it a bit but the fix was unreliable and the cameras operation was fitful, Hardly ideal for catching those special moments!

So I have chosen, with the necessary blessings to get myself a DSLR. A Canon EOS 30D. Got a couple of lenses to go with it. Really looking forward to taking some pictures with it and learning how to get the pictures I intend. I’m going to use ipernity to stream the pictures I upload taken with the Canon thus making the online distinction between my pictures on Flickr which have been taken mostly with the fz5. Just writing that has got me thinking about some other ways I can use the accounts I have…

It does occur to me that this probably makes not the slightest difference to anyone other than me.

As with the house move. Been in over a month now. Really feels like home here. Very pleased we went through it all and have come out the other side feeling like it has been well worth it. There has been so much going on with settling in and stuff I never got round to writing much about it. Not having a camera did not enthuse me to add other content. I can’t much be bothered now. Maybe I’ll write a bit some other time. We are getting the windows replaced this week. Getting some vertical sliders put in top to bottom at the front and in the boys room at the back. Should look very smart when it’s finished. Already had the front downpipe replaced. Got it done very cheaply by a local firm. Good enough job. It works. It’s solid and it does not leak anymore. For the price of that all the expense of treating the damp could have been avoided. Still I knew about it so shouldn’t grumble. Just can’t understand why the previous owner never did anything about it. He even replaced the top section and gutter – just never finished the job.

Finally for this installment university news. I have completed stage 1. Exam results are in. I have achieved a distinction. I was and am absolutely delighted. Now onto stage 2 over the next two years. There is another story there but I shall leave that for some other time.

The picture – no connection really other than it portrays something common to us all. It taken by a photographer I follow on Flickr called johnnywonderful.

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