Stage One with Distinction

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I should have posted about this ages ago. I completed stage one of my degree with a distinction. I was not expecting that especially after writing the drivel I did for the last exam I sat.

Four essays in three hours for the wild module I was doing about environmental problems. No revision, a house move the week before and a very painful thumb on my writing hand from doing myself an injury with DIY. Never mind the point about who on earth still handwrites to the extent that having to write for three hours in one sitting would not be a very unusual thing to do? I had a stab at two essays. I wrote out a plan for the third one and made a start. I got bored and jotted down some ideas for the fourth and then left. I knew I was going to do badly though figured with my other marks I just needed to score 12% or over to pass the module.

When I got the breakdown of my marks I found they gave me 34% for that exam and as my coursework average for the module was 64% I got the pass I needed. The marks for the psychology modules were all close to one side or other of 70%.  Really pleased then with how I did in the statistics exam (the mark is combined) as I must have got close to 80% to bring the overall mark to above 70% and so get the distinction.

There is a part of me that wants to belive the hype of distinction. There is also a part that knows I did the bare minimum, that this is only the first year and that standards must be low.

That there will be a psychological explaination for this kind of negative thinking has not passed me by. Understanding things often has little influence over my actions. This is becoming more obvious the older I get.

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