Working from Home

I don’t miss going into an office one bit. 

Though I have an office of sorts at home none of the office dynamics come with it. I don’t miss the office *systems* that are I understand there to help but are so often a hindrance. I don’t miss seeing a note above the kitchen sink reminding us of our responsibility to wash up our own cups. I don’t miss self important administrators who miss entirely the point they are there to help make things work. I don’t miss managers and their delusions of grandeur, acted out for any accommodating audience. 

I enjoyed the office banter though it’s small change for what for what I no longer have.  

By monaxle

Dad to four boys. Married to their mum. A satisficer. Lifelong cyclist, wannabe nomad, casual snapper and music lover. Occasional glimmers of creativity. Left field, anti establishment and non conformist tendencies. Green politics. Employment in mental health and children and adults social care. Open to learning, development and growth. Often get things wrong. Sometimes getting them right.

Current digital profile along the lines of #Mastodon, #Ubuntu, #NextcloudPi, #Thunderbird, #LibreOffice, #Gimp, #DigiKam, #KeePassXC, #Brave and #StandardNotes. It’s all #foss to me.

Views and opinions are my own or plagiarised and/or paraphrased from elsewhere. Whether these are right, wrong, misinformed or inspired is pretty much down to chance and your own judgement. Be well, be happy, be safe.

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