Catching Up

Back from our holidays on the Isle of Wight. It was a good week. Not beach weather so excursions to local attractions was the daily routine. Difficult to say what was best. A slow pace and free to choose how to spend the day perhaps? The accommodation was pretty good though sleeping space was less than would I would have liked it. The boys loved it. On the one day it was hot enough for the beach Oscar & Otis both made the most of it. I went in and the water was *cold*.

The day after we got back it was Oscar’s birthday. He enjoyed opening presents. Much more restrained than in recent years though enthusiasm still not far from boiling point! We went of to the Lydd airshow and had a great time there. The boys went on the bumper cars for the first time and that went down a storm. All cam back clutching something they’d cajoled from us both.

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