Avast me Hearties?

Today I have been mostly winging it and driving slowly. Only one of those things is a break from what I normally do. Dull dull dull.

Still feeling knackered due to fitful sleep and lucid dreams. Why is it when I do something to improve my health I go through a period of feeling like absolute shit?

Been thinking about photo projects. I’m a big fan of major roadworks. Not driving through them or the environmental consequence but the civil engineering and the scenes they create. I’d love to do a big photo documentary of a major road construction. I need to find a way in. Perhaps a few letters to the highway agency might be a start.

Checked out a blog today recommended to me by my brother in law. Well at least that is what he would be if he and his partner ever get round to getting married. It made me laugh aloud – Tired Dad. What he he writes about his work and being a dad rings lots of bells for me.

I work from home these days. The arrangement suits me very well in some ways and not so well in others. I shall write more about that in future posts. The organisation I work for is a household name. There is no way I could name it for fear of losing my job plus I’m not sure how far the official secrets act would extend and whether me shitting all over the farcical nature of the organisation would put me on the wrong side of it. Best to err on the side of caution me thinks. Of course that assumes in some way that what I write would ever be read by anyone that would care but I just don’t know who might accidentally stumble on my ramblings. I’ll have to think how I an start to mock it without giving too much away. There is plenty to mock.

Today was international talk like a pirate day. I entered into the spirit with a couple of emails to a work colleague. They replied by stating concerns about my mental state. I responded with threats to make them walk the plank. Perhaps I am heading for the sack anyway!


  1. See what “dooced’ fetches up: a word from that wise woman might help. I know someone recently who allegedly had the push for publishing work stuff on her blog, so it pays to be careful, I reckon.

    Love the idea of documenting a roads project. There are plenty of ’em. I did a batch of photos of the M6 northern relief road. No idea where they are now, but did cause a fuss at the time since it was forever being disrupted by protesters. There’s a massive roadbuilding programme going on all over the NE. You’d think it was the 1970s.

  2. Ehhhh! Good to see you checking in again Brenda. Thanks. I’ve learned a new word. Check my next post to see how I’ve written about the daily grind in a non-compromising way.

    I wrote to the Highways Agency about wanting to do an photo project. I’ll post the reply when and if I get one. If I don’t hear back I’ll keep sending the letter once a week till they tell me to take a hike or otherwise.

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