Balancing Act

Following on from yesterdays post I’m pleased to say that today the majority of my time has been away from the computer.

Been out with the youngest wandering around some local woods. Took some pictures of him throwing leaves amongst other things.


Shorne Woods Country Park. It is a great place to walk with the kids. Though the path round is well beaten and there is the usual mess left by dogs, which their owners have not bothered to clear up we always enjoy time spent there.

The place is managed by the local council. They have put up a fantastic visitors center there. It has been designed with a strong emphasis on being eco friendly including the energy sources used to run the cafe where you can get the best burgers I’ve found close to Medway. I suppose it’s a bit ironic the only practical way to get there is by car but nevertheless well worth the trip.

Adding some balance to my carbon emitting journey I did mend my bike in the afternoon. Middle son is wanting to go out on his and he told me it would be “interesting” if we rode out together. Interesting it will be for sure. The roads round us are hilly in all directions. He’s also still on stabilizers. Maybe that will provide something to write about tomorrow.

Also on the green front I have been preparing the back garden for grass seed to be put down. I’ve done a lot of the clearing, digging and leveling. Due to the lack of rain over the past month or so the ground now needs a bit of moisture. To that end we bought a sprinkler, a hose and a reel that I’ve attached to the wall to keep it all tidy. Easy enough job to fix it on you would think. Like all such jobs I undertake I got so far and found that I needed something I did not have to finish the task. A quick trip to Homebase sorted that out. They never had what I needed – a small hose clip; they had sold out. I was lucky enough though to ask an assistant who was actually helpful and he had something that would serve as well out the back which he gave me for free. Things went well from there on in and I got the job finished. Ordered the seed from the internet so should be scattering it down in about a week.

On the way back I popped into buy the boys a toy recommended to me from an old friend of mine. An air powered plane. I got home and took middle son up the park with it. Within 10 minutes it was broken. What was I saying about balance?

Finished of the days excursions with a test ride on my fixed bike. I know I was chancing it. However thing went well and it’s going like a dream. Rode down to Rochester and came across something of a scooter rally of the Mod variety. Got speaking with a few of them and came away with some pictures of some of them larking about and posing. A friendly bunch more than willing to have their picture taken. Most of the pictures I took were crap though. This is one I made something of…

I Love London

So all in balance has been the order of the day and I’ve finished off by breaking even.

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