Because deep down there is a little geek in me that needs some air.

Sat down this evening to write my daily post (it has been a week now since I wrote that I would and so far I’ve been sticking it with it) and saw that a big new WordPress release was available to download. Version 2.3 For those that don’t know what the significance of that is, it’s the software I use to publish this blog with.

So just 2o hours after it has become available I’m up and running with the latest version. Having done so I discovered I had 7 plug-ins (enhancements to the basic software) that needed updating so set about downloading, uploading and installing them as well. I only use 4 of them really and only two of them have a visual impact on my posts but still. My blog is now as new as it can get under the hood. Wonderful.

Now as I have done all that the hour I was going to spend on thinking up what to post about and then posting it has all but gone. So that’s it for today. If my blog was a car I’d be feeling pretty pleased for having put it through a a routine service. Now for the tags…

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