Some parents ehh? How do kids manage?

I wrote yesterday I would post something about the tension there has been of late focussed around a primary school in Chatham. I provided a link to some of the BBC news coverage of it yesterday. Here’s another one for a bit more background.

Well today I can’t be bothered with much comment. I just think the parents ought to be ashamed of themselves and do better for their kids.

The view of Rose Collinson, Medway’s director of children’s services, that the school was a safe place for children and that they’re playing well together do not seem to match with the views of the parents involved.

Seems like its the parents themselves that have a bit of learning and growing up to do in my view. I suppose that’s going to be a lot harder for them than it is for their children but without doing so whatever the school does its impact may sadly be negligible.

There’s nothing so wrong as being right sometimes.

Intolerance and racism really bothers me. Firstly because it should like I think it should bother everyone and secondly because it’s something my own kids have already had a taste of and will probably have to deal with many times again as they grow up. It’s shit.

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