Caution; Workforce on the Carrigeway.

My mission to get pictures of some major roadworks came together properly for the first time yesterday.

I met up with a guy called Martin who is a Community Relations Manager with Costain. They are the Highways Agency contractors who are doing the work on the section of road I visited.Martin Griffiths

Martin was very accommodating.

He kitted me out in boots, hard hat, mitts and hi vis jacket and then drove me around the works in a Range Rover Discovery.

He stopped to let me jump out and take pictures whenever I asked.

In all he gave up about 2 hours of his time so I could indulge myself. A friendly bloke and a pleasure to meet.

The weather was a bit grey and overcast. I came away with a load of pictures. As the site stretched over something like 3 miles of the A2 a fair few pictures were taken from the vehicle. I never checked any as I was shooting and that is something I should have done. I had the settings wrong a lot of the time and many of the shots were ruined by camera shake. Still I was able to make something of a few of them and have posted them here. There are others that I shall work on over time and I’ll update the slide show as a few more come together.

This was a learning experience and I got a lot from it. The biggest mistake I made was not thinking things through. I was perhaps just a bit too enthusiastic to remember the basics.

All was not lost. Martin gave me the details of his counterpart at another big project going on about 8 miles down the road and suggested I get in touch. He also said that if I want to go back some time then he would help out once more if he could. He gave me his card so I guess that’s a good sign.

Biggest bonus was some cheeses looked over the pictures I sent Martin as a sample of my previous *work* and they liked what they saw. They asked to see what I came up with following this trip. There was the suggestion of me being added to their list of photographers to call upon on as and when required if I cut the mustard.

I’m not holding out for anything from this excursion. I’ve shared the photos I’ve posted with Martin. He likes them and said he’ll pass them on to the people that make the decisions. The ones I have posted are somewhat different in style from the usual publicity shots they use but you never know. I’m just doing my thing and stick to what I enjoy. Whatever the case I’ll keep on keeping on, think about my settings a bit more, and just maybe…

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