Person of the week. YoungStar.

We went to parents evening yesterday. Both boys were praised. Proud as punch.

Oscar’s teacher mentioned that she had had a grumble during the days assembly. She had told the kids that some of their behaviour had made her feel sad.

When they went back to class she told us that Oscar had come to her to say that when she said she had felt sad that he had felt even sadder. She said that she was touched by that. I think she must have been. He came home with this certificate today –
Person of the week
He also got a “little” trophy to keep in his tray in class for the week. Yay for Oscar.

The tune below has been a favourite of his since he’s been about 2 or 3 years old.

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The Chemical Brothers / Rockhal 8 juillet 2007

The Chemical Brothers / Rockhal 8 juillet 2007

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