Medway is not on this planet aka DANGER Soft cock.

Flickr has recently introduced a new map feature called places. I checked out Medway. According to Flickr, Medway does not exist on this planet.

Strange that it shows up as a place in the tags when using Flickrs own geomapping feature but is nowhere to be found in places.

I think the only place Medway is officially considered a physical location as a singular entity in it’s own right is within the council offices.

So again in spite of the councils preference for civic homogenisation, Rochester, Chatham and Gillingham live on as singular events.

Right now on Flickr places Medway does not exist. Rochester, Gillingham and Chatham do.

Click the piccy for a biggy…

Nice to see leading pictures from Medway snappers thepaisleycravat, Keith Marshall and me.

I like the idea of Medway myself.