Happy New Year

It’s the last day of the year. Hope you have arrived at where you want to be or you are at least heading in the right direction.

I thought it would be good to do some kind of round up of the year. 50 things I remember happening in 2007 or something like that. Struggled to make even two dozen!  Some of the more memorable then…

  1. Elijah uses the potty
  2. Old camera died
  3. Got a DSLR
  4. Sold a house
  5. Moved into a new house
  6. Working for a different paymaster
  7. Otis learns to ride a bike
  8. Mum goes to Indonesia
  9.  The lawn grows
  10.  Granddad dies
  11.  They all do well in school / nursery
  12. IOW for our holidays
  13. monaxle : blog going for a year
  14. Building Roads series
  15. Computer rebuilt
  16. Boiler gives up
  17. Finish 1st year of degree
  18. Degree course intermitted
  19. Tour de France comes to Medway
  20. Elijah plays Santa
  21. …and so on.

Not the stuff of Bear Grylls but everyones happy and the bills are getting paid.