Broken down boiler

The boiler has packed up. To be specific the CH water pressure switch is knackered thus we have no heating. I’ve pulled a wire to bypass the switch so we have hot water but no heating.  I’m freezing. Sitting here writing this with my jacket and hat on. It’s gonna be replaced next Friday.  Not the sort of thing you want to be without over Christmas week. I know there are lots of people worse of than us but we are all quite used to being cosy and warm…

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  1. Oh, bad luck!

    If you’ve got a local Freecycle in Medway (and I’m guessing you have), you can almost certainly get heaters for nothing, which you could re-offer when it’s sorted. Worth a punt, anyhow.

  2. Thanks for your condolences. I was in bed with a jacket on last night. The wife and kids have been away so have not yet had to suffer. They are coming back today with some heaters supplied by the mum in law. There are a few Freecycle groups in my area.

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