neglected but not forgotten

As the title suggests, like so much I’m sorry to say, I have been neglecting to post but have certainly not forgotten about the blog, hence this post.

Enough stuff has been going on to write about and I guess that’s partly the reason why I have not. To busy doing the stuff I could be posting about.

Opinions? Yes. Loads of them. But again so much to think about lots becomes transient and perhaps little more than a fleeting thought in an overactive mind.

Yep. I’m on the healthy living tip again. Feeling great for it. Sleep is OK. Dreaming plus plus plus, but not so that I’m having too many fitful nights like I was back in the late Autumn. Never say never but then again you never know…

In the next week or so I’m going to post about what my folks are up to in Indonesia, about some local snappers, about a project I’m hoping to get involved in and some ideas I have for creating a bit of a buzz for me and a few others. Exciting times.

I was feeling pretty fired up yesterday. Long may this continue. To be honest though I know why it won’t. The big massive challenge is to work on doing stuff to stop the merciless inevitability of the past becoming my future. Sounds good? Better ask Uncle Peter ;o)

Have a picture to be getting on with –