the flyover take a nosedive

Carry on concrete collar took a sideways step forward a week or so ago. The overseers of Medway have decided to replace the flyover with a £5m bus station.

The council reports that of seven possible sites presented to Cabinet, they chose the plan that centres on the Sir John Hawkins Way and Globe lane with the demolition of the Sir John Hawkins flyover.

I have heard of one other possible site, which involved the felling of ancient trees. Local opinion was dead against that and the idea was rejected. The results of the public consultation refers to plans to build a bus station closer to the train station but omits mention of the other four options. Answers on a postcard please?!

With the flyover gone a new bus station will be built followed by the widening of roads, a series of junction improvements and three new car parks. The green credentials of the scheme are failing to shine through. Bustling night time scenes in Chatham High Street, may soon be a thing of the past…


The councils has it’s eyes on £38 million of central funds for improved bus service provision across Medway. The provision of a *dynamic bus facility* in central Chatham is a stepping stone to getting more of the money. Work has got the go ahead for spring / summer 2008.

I hope they get it right. Regeneration only comes round every 25 – 30 years and it would be a shame to mess it up. I guess I’m not representative of many but my expectations of what a bus station and extra parking can do for a towns regeneration are not high.