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I love Flickr. You should know that. I have some great contacts on Flickr. Of all my contacts, I follow those that live in Medway the most. Sweet Fanny Adams is one of these.

SFA recently wrote on her website a short piece about Flickr. She called it Things that piss me off about Flickr.

I laughed a lot when reading it. Here’s an extract with kind permission.

…what it is about Flickr that really annoys me is all the photo fascists and other assorted morons. I’ve pasted in some actual comments from fellow Flickr users, not necessarily comments made about my photos, but ones that have driven me to rant about them anyway.

“Post-production makes photographs completely invalid in my view” – This is because you are a moron, and only one half of your brain works. Your view is invalid and so are you.

“Photos taken on auto focus should be deleted” – You should be deleted.

“Nice flower shot. Shame about the building in the background” – You know, you’re absolutely right. Next time, I’ll bulldoze the 14th century castle to the ground, just so you can admire the common pink flower better. Just stop it right now because God knows you’re a wanker.

“I’m not in love with the girl. I don’t like her expression. Score 4/10” – You don’t have to fancy her, you mong. I’m not asking you to shag her. This was posted in a score my candid shot group and was about one of my photos which had, up to this point, scored 36/40. It really pissed me off because the shot posted by this person was not a real candid. It was an extreme close up, taken on auto from about 3 feet away. Just because the subject was looking away from the camera, it doesn’t mean they didn’t know it was there. This person also followed their photo with a wanky explanation that made me vomit into my wellies, because they were nearest.

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