Ethiopia Slides

Rummaging through old boxes the other day and turned up some slides I made back in 1996. Never had a projector to look at them. Just got all 36 of them transferred to CD by my local Snappy Snaps. Pleased I found them.

Lalibela panorama

Lalibela, Ethiopia – February 1996

Adis Ababa bus station

Adis Ababa, Bus Station – March 1996


Lalibela, Ethiopia – February 1996

bet georges

Lalibela, Ethiopia – February 1996


From Moyale to Nanuki – April 1996

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  1. Oh they look gorgeous. Definitely worth seeing them via a projector. That’s real light right there, that is. Positives too, not even reversed. Fab. There was a lot of colour slide film that produced these purply hues; it’s sweet and distinctive.

    You could probably beg a projector from your local freecycle, save one going to the tip. I’ve got about 3, all free, but that’s no good to you.

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