I’m not convinced.

Some things make little sense to me.  Here’s a dozen of them –

  1. Little electric cars for very obese people.
  2. Homework for 5 year olds.
  3. World financial markets based on rumor, nerves and speculation.
  4. Allowing estate agents (*spits*) to dominate and shape the housing market.
  5. The *war* against terror.
  6. Royalty.
  7. Having to handwrite essays  for timed exams.
  8. The governments housing targets for SE England.
  9. Allowing pernicious dross like Ed, Ed and Eddie on kids TV.
  10. The criminalisation of drugs.
  11. Britain’s big brother surveillance culture.
  12. Anti Social Behaviour Orders

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  1. Hello Phil. I don’t think they help to reduce consumption and increase activity. This assumes there are obese people that wants to lose weight. Do you think it would be better to have big electric cars?

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