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The climate camp ended without me. I missed all the drama. The march, the fence jumping, the blockading and the water born assault. For a round up you could do worse than to check the Medway Messengers special report. Shame not to have been there. Though the camp is over the campaign is full steam ahead. There is talk of an extended protest at Kingsnorth if any building works on the proposed new plant commences. I’m keeping up with things at stop kingsnorth

Saturday, the day of direct action I was in the car with family creating a carbon trail down to Cornwall. About 5 hours with a couple of stops on the way. Traffic was what it is – stop start round the M25 and intermittent hold ups along the A303. The wonders of Stone Henge. The boys were noisy but good. No wet trousers!


The place we stayed at was spot on. In the country on a farm. The boys all shared a room and each had their own bed. Elijah’s bed dwarfed him. I think he only fell out once.

On the Sunday we visited the Hidden Valley Discovery Park. A trail of picture clues took us back and fourth a small collection of shacks and *amusements* searching for the next sign towards gathering a crystal. It was cold, windy and wet. My heart was not in it. I distracted the boys with a train ride and play in the adventure park.

A drive down to The Blue Reef Aqaurium in Newquay on Monday.  An enjoyable stroll around the fish tanks. The aquarium is right by the sea side. We went down to the beach. S1 was up to his neck in the water before we had the opportunity to stop him. Fully clothed. Splashing and jumping about. Lovely. S2 followed shortly afterward though we managed to keep his top dry. By the time S3 was ready to go we had sorted out parenting skills and had him stripped to to his undies before going the same way as his brothers.

Wet and windy Tuesday afternoon seemed like a good time to visit Crackington Haven. With buckets and spades and coats and wellies onto the beach we went. Managed maybe 30 minutes of digging sand and building castles, climbing rocks and running from waves before driving needles of rain forced us and the few other dreamers on the beach to beat a retreat back to the car park.

Tuesdays weather was a taster of what Wednesday had to bring. Sheets of rain coming down. Really quite bad. A young child drowned after falling into water near to where we were staying. We had agreed to take the boys to Kartworld in Liskeard. Only S1 was old enough to drive round the main circuit himself. “That was soooo cool” was his verdict. S2 and S3 were on this occasion fairly understanding of the restriction and were satisfied to take the coin operated Karts to their limit.

On the trail of King Arthur on Thursday clambering steps and hillsides in Tintagel. We have been before with S1 and S2 three years ago. Neither remember. Last time the granite steps were wet and slippy making the climb up to the castle ruins perilous with two under fives. This time the sun shined and the steps were dry. Some wonderful view from the foreland.

Just a bit of sunshine and no rain on Friday meant we were on the beach at Widemouth Bay. A truly lovely beach. Wide open. Sand in places. Rocks in others. Big breakers crashing 50 yards out and rolling a bubbling soup of body boarders into the shallows. Again S1 was in the water without hesitation though this time he did get changed first. S2 followed though with slightly more good sense and reservation. S3 back and forth between the sea and our spot on the beach stuck in a repeating cycle of high glee to abject dispair. We put in at least 5 hours before leaving for the day.

Saturday was in the car and home again. All in all a good break away for us all though next year I’m thinking of holidaying from home and cutting out a 600 mile round trip. Day trips out and the like but from home rather than rented accommodation on the other side of the country.

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