when was the last time you ate dinner in the toilet?

We have a kitten. We have had our kitten for about a month now. He was born on the 20th May 2008. The only reason I remember the date is that it is also the day Mrs monaxle and I got married (8 years ago).  S3 got to name the kitten and decided on calling him Simbanese,  Simba  for short. Simba was given to us by my friend Steve who like me, also takes a lot of photos. Cheers Steve.

Simba is very small compared to a lot of other cats and is a bit cross eyed. The vet asked if he did normal cat things; we said yes, he said “Oh, he just looks stupid then!”. Cheek.

Like most cat owners we needed to find a way to stop our kitten from peeing round the house. Although he took to using the litter tray quickly, on the first day with us he did find a spot to mark as his own. He’d use the litter tray but at least once or twice a week he’d have a pee on the carpet in his favorite spot. Territorial I presume.

Well obviously we could not have the house stinking of cat pee so we had to find a way to break Simba’s habit. Mrs monaxle tried a multitude of deterrents. Some seemed slightly dubious for example one included three types of vinegar, dust from the hoover bag, a bit of citrus fruit and lots of scrubbing. Others were no more than go to the pet shop and buy whatever was there that looked as though it might do it. None of these worked.

Anyone thinking, “…oh well you obviously never got rid of the odour which is why the cat keeps peeing”; we tried very hard and did all we could bar take the carpet up and bin it. For the record though and for anyone struggling with a similar problem we found a very simple solution.

Like people cats generally do not like to eat and drink in the same place they poo and pee. In addition to his food and water bowl in the kitchen we put one in the problem area. Since doing so Simba has performed his eliminatory functions in the designated area. Well done Simba.

Footnote – Simba is not easy to get a good picture of. I have taken a few but nothing that I am pleased with. All the same here is what he looks like –

Simba Stalks.
Simba Stalks.

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