morphine on Monday

I spent a very pleasant Monday afternoon this week in the cushioning embrace of clinical morphine.  Not sleeping but not awake. Sedate euphoria just beneath the surface of consciousness in the most comfortable bed I’ve ever had the pleasure of lying in.

The experience did not come without a cost.  A bi lateral knee anthroscopy with a partial meniscecectomy. A cost well worth paying I’d say given the long term returns I’m hoping the investment will bring.

At least two weeks off work to recuperate at home. Spending time with my feet up and all the understanding in the world from Mrs monaxle.  Things really are pretty good.


  1. I hope everything is a success in the knee region. Does this mean that you will be able to walk further, longer, higher than before?
    Take it easy Alex and not too many demands for cups of tea from Mrs Monaxle!
    Good luck mate, see you soon.

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