Rant : A beach front view in Babylon

Ridiculous skyscrapers, grotesque man made islands, seven star hotels, ski slopes in the desert, extravagant displays of fortune, the exploitation of people and resources.

A country that specialises in unashamed displays of wealth, exclusion and privilege, a country that celebrates and gorges on the fat of irresponsible pandering to the wealthy, to me Dubai is one of the most obscene countries in the world.

It strikes me as incredibly arrogant that this country which so gleefully embraces the mega rich imposes acceptable standards of public behaviour on it’s visitors that require for example there to be no canoodling on the beach, bare chested strolls down the promenade, topless sunbathing, drinking in public and certainly no drugs.

Sure you could argue that visitors should adhere to the local norms but it’s difficult to see how the government there can be pious about anything given the value in places in material wealth over all else.

Every celebrity from dim witted footballers to Hollywood icons, for whom £10 million is small change is reserving their little piece of the fantasy that has been transformed into a reality just for them. Who needs to worry about climate change when you can just turn up the air conditioning.

I know I’m not considering the whole story. Sure there is probably lots of philanthropy from those who have the money to soothe their concious but all the same I just can’t help feeling disgusted by the place and the people flocking there to spend their mega bucks.

edit 24/11/08 – Check this site for pictures and what other people have to say about the place.

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