musings on my photography

The possibilities that photography offers are a wonderful thing. I enjoy getting out with my camera and taking pictures. I have though been dissapointed with over 90% of what I’ve been coming up with for some time now. I do however still find the process captivating.  Maybe this is because what I want to create continues to elude me.

I feel a bit ungrateful for not valuing more the comments left and favorites made on the photos I post to my stream on Flickr. I don’t get many compared to some. In fact seldom few compared to a lot. I do nothing to garner views or followers. I don’t engage in the mutual adoration so prevalent on the site. Reciprocal commenting and favoriting of pictures seems friendly but to be honest is pretty meaningless to me.

I enjoy Flickr as a past time being slightly more interactive than the TV. What I value most is the friends and contacts I have made in Medway as a result. It’s the odd comment from people I respect through getting to know them personally and the even more infrequent comments from a tiny number of people whose work I feel a connection that I truly value. Like any precious thing I don’t need much to know the worth of these.

I guess I have progressed technically. Whilst doing so I’ve been happy with making *pretty* pictures. Pictures that are just, well,  pictures. They don’t do much for me anymore. I find myself thinking the vast majority of pictures I take / make are empty. Without depth. Without much expression or soul. That is what I I crave for. Pictures that tell a story, that convey an emotion, that carry a message and shout out loud. Pictures that help people feel and think things.

Not sure how I am going to get there.  I feel heartened though by having an idea about where I would like to be. I don’t for a minute think I’ll get there any time soon.  I’ll carry on making and posting trite and banal photos I’m sure. In my mind though there is a vision, an idea of what I want to achieve. That to me is a huge step forward.

By monaxle

Dad to four boys. Married to their mum. A satisficer. Lifelong cyclist, wannabe nomad, casual snapper and music lover. Occasional glimmers of creativity. Left field, anti establishment and non conformist tendencies. Green politics. Employment in mental health and children and adults social care. Open to learning, development and growth. Often get things wrong. Sometimes getting them right.

Current digital profile along the lines of #Mastodon, #Ubuntu, #NextcloudPi, #Thunderbird, #LibreOffice, #Gimp, #DigiKam, #KeePassXC, #Brave and #StandardNotes. It’s all #foss to me.

Views and opinions are my own or plagiarised and/or paraphrased from elsewhere. Whether these are right, wrong, misinformed or inspired is pretty much down to chance and your own judgement. Be well, be happy, be safe.

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