time to reflect

It’s a new year. I’ll be 40 in 15 days time. Seems like a good time to think about where I stand. What about you?

Rating system is as follows:

A.) Things to be rated on a 1-10 scale. (1=very bad. 10=excellent).
B.) Getting better, the same, or getting worse.
C.) More, the same, or less.

1.) How would you rate your HEALTH?

2.) How would you rate your RELATIONSHIPS ?
a.) Significant other/ spouse/ kids?
b.) Your immediate family?
c.) Your friends?

3.) How would you rate your
a.) work/ job, and,
b.) satisfaction of such?

4.) How are finances (assets and debt load)?

5.) How would you rate your “path” for your plans and goals?

6.) How would you rate your “Fun Meter”?
a.) what you did in past 12 months?
b.) plans in next 12 months?
c.) are you “living life”, or just going through the motions?

7.) How are you progressing spiritually?

8.) How are you progressing mentally?

9.) Are your morals and ethics in check, getting better, or worse? Rank them.

10.) Overall and in general, would you say you are changing for the better, same, or worse?

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