Photography and music events in Medway

Tidal FlowA couple of photography exhibitions coming up in Medway organised and promoted by Medway Eyes.

The first is Tidal Flow. An exhibition of photographs taken along the River Medway and the Swale as they run from Allington Lock which is just outside of Maidstone up to the end of the Swale at Seasalter.

The pictures on show are drawn from the work of a number of local snappers. Hopefully one or two of my pictures will be included. There are rumors of  a gig being arranged for the opening day which is on a Saturday.  I don’t have the details of that just yet but once I do I’ll be posting them on the blog.

The second exhibition, which actually opens before Tidal Flow is Exposure.  This one will be showcasing the work of the very talented Mr. Phil Dillon, Medway photographer and musician.  Again a gig is being organised to mark the opening night. Three storming bands; The Lovedays, The Ambience and The Shagmonroes. Details for this one are on the poster. It’s gonna be a blinder.


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Excellent blog! There will indeed be an afternoon gig at the Barge in Gilingham to accompany the opening of Tidal Flow. We’re talking to the musicians at the moment, but even at this early stage we can confirm the Flowing, Didi Bergman and the legendary Bob Collins.

Stay tuned…

Excellent, I shot a little down here……lol
Be interesting to see other peoples work, the barge excellent a short walk for me grin!

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