not everyone cares though do they?

tell someone who gives a fuck!

tell someone who gives a damn!

Everyday it’s the same outside the kids school. Cars parked up lining both sides of the road. On the side you can’t see here, drivers park their cars half on the road and half on the pavement. This makes it a bit of a squeeze to pass by. If you have a chair or a buggy forget about it.

Throughout the winter many of the drivers sit in their cars smoking fags with their engines running as they wait for their precious ones’ to come out of school. I guess now the weather is warming up a bit they might fancy having a fag on the pavement. It’s not as if they are trying to hide their behaviour from the kids as some kind of nod to positive role modelling.

I curse them all. Especially those in big 4×4 vehicles just for mummy and the little one.

It’s not even as if the school has not done a their bit to provide parents with alternative choices. Walking buses for one. Mind you that does require a little effort. A commodity which many of these parents seem to lack. There is no need to park here even if they choose to drive. A local store not more than a 1/4 of a mile away has given parents at the school permission to park in their car park so as to encourage a little exercise and reduce the risk inherent in having dozens of cars jamming up the narrow road outside the school.

As for the council traffic wardens? They are worse than useless. Only too quick to slap a ticket on a car parked safely at 8am on a Sunday morning for the heineous crime of failing to display a visitors permit. Showing up outside a school to contribute their bit to children’s safety? Fat chance.


  1. No doubt the same people who park in the parent-and-child spots at the supermarket, when they haven’t any kids with them, because walking another ten yards would kill them.

    Don’t get me started. The worst part is, evolution won’t do for them, because they seem to be able to breed before the fags, fat, sugar and general fat-arse life style kills them.

    Not that I have strong views on this matter…

  2. *agrees completely*
    Woodlands have recently closed their on-site car parks (you know, for teachers and visitors) during school run hours and it amazes me how indignant these people are about it. I love walking Isaac to school. I insist he has to hold my hand, and he waffles on about rubbish as we go (this morning he invented a song all about rock and roll) and it’s the perfect chance to just be together without a hundred other things interrupting. Maybe that’s the problem…

  3. Hi Claire. Good to read your comment here. Cheers. Making something positive of everyday opportunities – a bit of willing goes a long way!

  4. I totally agree. The School Run is the most thoughtless time of the day when otherwise caring parents suddenly lose all sense of responsibility and create havoc outside the local school whilst they drop their overweight spoilt children at the school. Sorry to say, but it’s true the modern generation are very lazy – most of them don’t even live half a mile away.

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