Anyone for a beta invite? Hunch & BumpTop

I have some beta invites to hand out.  Hunch and BumpTop. Check out the links to read all about them.  If you’re interested then just comment or otherwise get in touch and I’ll send you an invite.

UPDATE: BumpTop is open. Invites no longer required.


  1. Btw, If you have any left for bumptop as well, it looks great. To great things to try out, and share with all of my daily readers of my blog. If you want to, I’ll put a link from it, to ur page.


  2. Hello Alex, I’m trully interested by this software, and this seems to be a great opportunity for me to try it.

    I have already suscribed to their beta invitation system, months ago, but I’ve received nothing.
    I will put your page’s link on my facebook, if you want so.

    Thanks, and please forgive me for my poor english, I’m French .. ^^

  3. hey.

    i’d love an invite for both of them, actually…i’d really appreciate it…

    much love from norway.

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