Chatham’s Theatre Royal

Demolition of Chatham's Theatre Royal 21/04/2009

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The Theatre Royal in Chatham. It’s been a long time coming. There had been a lengthy campaign to save the place but to no avail. Many local people will be sad to see it go. Many others likely think that its not before time.

Wilful neglect and abandonment have been the main protagonists in the buildings decline. It had become an eyesore and a hazard.  The building was listed. Something of an inconvenience and a hindrance. Medway Council’s take on it is –

The Council acknowledges the Theatre Royal is an eysesore however it is a listed building and whilst consent has been given for the Theatre (with the exception of the frontage part) to be demolished, that consent was subject to conditions which requires the recording of the historic interior of the building. This recording work is ongoing and it is hoped that it will be complete very soon enabling the building to be demolished. The Council is in regular contact with the land owners.

It seems an indignity that it’s final demise has been brought about by a temporary bus route.

Making it all happen

Bit of of trivia: the picture was taken from the John Hawkins Flyover whiich is itself scheduled for demolition next month.

The Theatre Royal, Chatham | Medway Renaissance Chatham’s Flyover Folly

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4 replies on “Chatham’s Theatre Royal”

Save the Theatre Royal for generations to come, it can not be replaced.
Put some life and culture back into Chatham and restore the theatre.

I am a member of Theatre Royal Onward, who have now held up the demolition of our Theatre Royal in Hyde Cheshire for 10 years. However, we need money to purchase to do anything.
I’m arranging a promotion/gala event in Hyde this Saturday 4th December and would like to print off some of the photos of Chatham in order to get the public angry enough to help us save our theatre. As we have had no postitive news for a while many people have lost touch with us.
The event at the Cotton bale Hyde, a Wetherspoons house, came about as a result of a request by me to sell anthologies there, resulting from a Writing Competition we have begun for the theatre and heritage. They were looking for a local community project and picked us.
I could do with providing them with as many pictures as possible as Chatham, which I had been made aware of from a journalist friend, from Chatham. Our website is and the writing web is

Many thanks, Muriel Nichols 0161 368 4938

Wonderful photos too. I came on your site via monaxle and would like to know if I could select photos to print off. I’ll be grateful for any help.

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