Singing Loins, Sea Shanties and French Men

Visited the Sweeps Festival in Rochester over the weekend. Went along with Mrs monaxle and the boys on the Saturday. The weather was good. We bumped into a few friends, we enjoyed the sights, sounds, smells on the street, and the fun fair (picture by unkiepaul) in the castle gardens.

On Sunday I went sans-family in the evening to see the Singing Loins at one of the many pubs putting on music for the occasion. The Loins are a local band, they play stomping raw and raucous folk with a strong Medway flavor to many of their songs.

The Loins were followed by a an act I’d not seen before – Sur les Docks . As the name suggests they are from France. They put on a very lively show and hammed up their Frenchness to a good extent. Their style complimented that of the Loins perfectly. A combination of Frenchness, maritime folk rock with a flavour of Celtic punk. A unique blend but one that works brilliantly. The crowd loved them and I’m sure that would have been the case even without the huge amount of beer¬† that was being consumed.¬† I’d not hesitate in going to see them or the Loins again.

Sur les Docks @ The Sweeps Festival, Rochester.

Sur les Docks @ The Sweeps Festival, Rochester.

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  1. I went to that show last year and agree that both bands are excellent – been a big fan of the Singing Loins for many a year. I thought I’d missed it this year as I thought it was on Saturday so I could have gone in the end but I’m kinda glad I didn’t because apparently the ex went!!

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