Medway : 2009 Euro Election Results

British National Party4,741
Christian Party “Proclaiming Christ’s Lordship”851
Conservative Party18,502
English Democrats1,698
Jury Team256
Liberal Democrats5,460
No2EU: Yes to Democracy613
Pro Democracy: Libertas.eu425
Socialist Labour Party521
The Green Party4,283
The Labour Party8,745
The Peace Party – Non-Violence, Justice Environment210
The Roman Party.Ave!136
United Kingdom First392
United Kingdom Independence Party12,841


  1. Thanks for posting these – I find this both scary and interesting at the same time!

    I’m quite concerned about the number of people who voted for the BNP – however it doesn’t surprise me as I can see the far right gaining more support the longer the recession goes on.

    I was genuinely surprised by the number of people who voted for UKIP – in fact there seems to be a genuine anti EU leaning to these votes. This could however be because of protest voting and they could have picked up a large proportion of the Labour votes – rather like the Green party (who didn’t do so well this time) did a few years ago.

    One figure you haven’t published here was the turnout which was a paltry 32.87% – which says a lot about the state of the political system here in the UK at this time. I have to confess that I was one of the 67.13% who didn’t vote – partly because I forgot but the fact I forgot could have been due to a dilemma about who to vote for (for the first time in my life)

  2. It was sad to see so many parties of intolerance, devision and nationalism on the list. I guess when the chips are down peoples true colours being to show. The mess that is the Labour party have a lot to answer for. They don’t deserve to be called Labour.

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