This afternoon I got a comment under this picture –

shhmokin, originally uploaded by monaxle.

I am involved in producing the HMIC policing protest document. We are considering using this photo. May I have permission to use it with the acknowledgement given. Txu Moira

Moira could be taking the piss or perhaps she’s just trying to get a freebie. Either way it made me laugh.


  1. Makes sense. That photo could have been deemed to be of a sensitive subject by an oversensitive copper, but look how it came out. The end result in itself was good reason to take it.

    • Thanks Michael. I took it just before dawn. And I used a tripod, which as others have reported is commonly found in suspected terrorists arsenal of weapons of mass documentation.

  2. It could be useful if you ever did get harassed by the fuzz again to point out that they’d found your photography a useful asset!
    “I present Exibit A: One of my pictures in a police report with total artistic merit and of no use to terrorists!”

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