Medway Eyes : Keep em’ peeled

A few dozen pairs of Medway Eyes and some from further afield met up last Saturday in Chatham to stroll down the High Street and take some pictures.

The photowalk was inspired by the actions of Medway Council and Kent Police when they arrested me on the 8th July,  for what I’m unsure. The only official line I’ve seen on it seems to be so that they could establish my identity. I’m not so sure about that.  I don’t think they are either. I suppose that’s why I’ve still had nothing in writing from Kent Police in response to my complaint.

The photowalk passed without drama despite there being no height restriction on those coming along.  It ought to have done really in the absence of anything extraordinary happening. No crimes were planned or committed. No one was stopped for acting suspiciously whilst in possession of a camera. No one was asked for their details. No one was arrested.  Some of us got something to eat at Mick’s Plaice.  I got some pictures processed at Snappy Snaps.  A few of us went to the pub afterwards and had a drink.

Thanks to everyone that came along and to Medway Eyes for getting the word out.

People take photos in public. It’s a fairly normal thing to do.  It’s not normal to be handcuffed, arrested and detained as a result of doing so.  Don’t worry about it happening to you. Get your camera out and enjoy taking pictures.


  1. Hi. I couldn’t make it to Chatham for various reasons. I had a ‘brush’ with Kent police at the weekend. Was taking a few record shots of a RTA close to home. One saw me, asked what I was doing, told me it was a ‘crime scene’ and should have asked permission. I’d got what I wanted so decline to engage in a verbal exchange. We have two emergency services, Fire and Ambulance and a Police “FORCE”. Aptly named.

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