agitated but not stirred

May well have missed the boat on this one and at risk of being accused of milking it but here goes anyway.

Couple of videos I should have posted ages ago but didn’t because Firefox 3.5 stuffed up my computer’s Flash playing capabilities good and proper and refused to give me sound. Well I’ve finally given up trying t fix it and have abandoned Firefox in favour of Flock and all is well again. Strange why that is seeming as Flock is built on the Firefox/Mozilla engine but there it is. Everything works again fine. So here’s the videos.

Both are in relation to the photowalk through Chatham on the 15th August promoted and organised by the wonderful and great Medway Eyes lovelies Phil and Lisa.

The first video is is made by one of Medway Eye’s youngest members who interviewed me and a few other photographers and supporters about my arrest and the use of Section 44. The second isĀ  a podcast produced by a couple of guys from the Independent newspaper who came down on the day to document the issues in question.

Thanks very much to all involved.