as time goes by

This is all family stuff. Please don’t slam the door on your way out!

The summer has been and gone and we had a great one. Been meaning to do a few posts but for one reason and another have not.

Here goes a quick summary:

Oscar and Otis spend a few nights with the grandparents in Tankerton. Their first time to do so. A splendid start to six weeks off school. While they did that I went on a canoeing and camping trip. I have done a post on that already. It was brilliant. The trip that is though the post was OK too!

Camping in Norfolk. All six of us. Malachai was the youngest on the site. There was an infestation of lady birds. Thousands and thousands of them. We had a great time though. Days on the beach. Day trips out. Kids making new friends. Fitting the archetype of the family holiday in blighty. Great stuff.

Monica took all four of them down to Butlins for a week. They love it there. This is the third time they’ve been. I get out of it and she goes with her mum. Everyone’s happy. Tremendous. I end the week with a bunch of photographers strolling through Chatham on a Saturday morning taking pictures and making a point quietly and being bothered by no one. Thanks to Medway Eyes for getting it all together.

Back at home for a week. Nintendo Wii, Nitendo DS, computer games and TV. They love it. It sends them potty and turns them into siblingcidal monsters. The overdose is tempered by trips to the swimming pool and park. This was the hardest week of the lot.

Up to Gloucester to stay with Nanny for a long bank holiday weekend. Another good one. Days out to the Forest of Dean, wild life sanctuaries and more swimming. They love it. Me and Monica have an overnight in a hotel courtesy in part of work commitments. Splendid.

Back home for a week getting things together before the return to school. Malachi has got bigger and bigger and has started on puree food stuffs. I get through a course of Tamiflu. We all survive. Pigs don’t fly. Kent Police continue to investigate my complaint. I’ve been assured they are doing a very thorough job of it. Good stuff.

Back to school. Elijah starts in reception. Takes to it like a duck to water.

All of that should really be supported by some photos I’ve taken. I’ll get round to that some time soon. Perhaps.

Oh! and no I have not been arrested recently!

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