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To follow on from this.  I had a another letter and a call last week to let me know Kent Police have concluded their investigation. I was told they are now waiting on advice from their barristers before writing to me formally with the outcome. Not sure how long they are prepared to wait.

By their own timescale they should have it all wrapped up by November 5th.


  1. Maybe naive or disingenuous on my part but I don’t understand why it had to be anything other than straightforward. It’s not as if the circumstances were complex or unclear.

    I’ve been informed by Kent Police that they have spent a lot of time and effort to ensure the matter has been properly investigated and that interpretation of the relevant legislation has been thoroughly considered.

    That I have requested a written response has been a bit of a hold up. It’s clear they would have preferred not to have to do that. They know what they write will be published and subject to scrutiny. Obviously they don’t want to admit anything more than they can get away with. Still there’s always the FOI and DPA requests to consider.

  2. It would be nice to think they’d use the opportunity to review training and procedures to allow them to avoid making such ridiculous errors in future, however their track record doesn’t suggest that will be the case. It shouldn’t be necessary to scrape the barrel of current legislation clean to work out that your treatment was unreasonable.

  3. I think you’re bang on there Alex, they’re having to be very careful as your treatment picked up a lot of coverage and they know that any unsatisfactory outcome will be jumped on by many many fellow photographers.

    The cynic in me wouldn’t be surprised if they are either
    1) Waiting for any attention to die down so they can slip out their report to you and hope that nobody is still reading about you
    2) Some terrorist attack or big news to occur to “bury” your story update.

    If you were in the states and up against a company, instead of the police, you know you would have been offered a big wedge of cash and an NDA to sign saying you won’t say anything.

    • Cheers Steve. They have now exceeded the time scale set by their own procedures for reaching a satisfactory outcome. Polite letters aside I can feel a Freedom of Information and Data Protection Act request coming on.

  4. They are letting this one drag on aren’t they? Yes, it should be straightforward but don’t be too shocked if the police report takes the side of the arresting officers (they are investigating their colleagues after all).

    Meanwhile the harassment of photographers continues apace

    On a side note can I just say how nice your Ethiopian wallpaper is?

  5. The skeptic in me knows that Catkins. I must find the time this weekend to do some chasing up.

    The links; I’d seen the story. Outrageous. Hope something comes of it.

    The wallpaper. Yes indeed you may. Thank you. Works quite well I think. Glad you do to.

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