Cycle Ride #2 – Chatham to Whitstable

Cycle Ride 2 - Chatham to Whitstable via Sittingbourne, Conyer, Faversham and Seasalter.

Cycle Ride 2 - Chatham to Whitstable via Sittingbourne, Conyer, Faversham and Seasalter.

So here is the second in the series. It was a good ride. The weather  was perfect. Sunny, fresh and no wind.  Managed an average speed of 15.1 mph. The cycle route sign posts in Sittingbourne were a bit naff but in spite of them I managed to stick to quiet rural roads to Faversham via a brief passage on the Saxon Shore Way and through Conyer.  I was flagging a bit through Seasalter but that was sorted out by a quick pit stop and chocolate. The roads in Whitstable are appalling so much so I ducked down onto the beach as soon as I could to get away from the potholes and bumps along the perversely named Joy Lane.  If it was going to be as bumpy as off roading I thought I may as well do it away from traffic and with a sea view! I dropped in at my parents house in Tankerton at the end for a free dinner (shepherds pie – big favourite) and chat before heading back with my bike on the train to Chatham.

You may notice that the route map image  is a different format to the first. If you click on it it’ll take you to the route page on where you can zoom in on the map down to street level and road names. If you’re so inclined you can also view on the site the first route I posted about (Chatham to Sheppey Bridge loop) here.

I should know by now that there is nothing new under the sun Internet and with a little bit of browsing I’d soon find that what I thought was a good idea has been thought of before and implemented on a grander scale. Seems pointless to reinvent the wheel and go it alone so for now all the cycle routes I want to share will be shared on

I say for now as I am planning on getting a bit more techie and hope to be GPS enabled soon with a Nokia 5800.  From that point on I will use Nokia Sports Tracker.  I think it’s possible and quite easy to upload GPS routes to the Cycle-Route site from the files created on the 5800 so it may well be that I (and hopefully others) end up getting something from both.

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