John Humphrys gets battered

John Humphrys is a bit of a hero in our house. His righteous interviewing style often has us laughing as we get ready for the day ahead.

In the clip below he talks to Jerome Taylor from The Independent newspaper on the 04/12/09 regarding the police harassment of photographers on the streets of England. Particularly gratifying for me is reference to my arrest on Chatham High Street back in July. Mr Humphrys makes a pun about someone being battered. He offers a sheepish apology. Lovely.

Listen in from 3:40 to go from the reference to Chatham.

Police are being accused of misusing powers granted under anti-terror legislation. Amateur and professional photographers have complained at being stopped for taking pictures of tourist destinations, well-known landmarks and a fish and chip shop. Jerome Taylor, journalist with the Independent who was stopped by police for photos of the Houses of Parliament, and Chief Constable Andy Trotter of British Transport Police and chairman of the Association of Chief Police Officers media advisory group, debate whether police are too ready to use their anti-terror powers.

Micks Plaice : The Independent
Micks Plaice : The Independent

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I live in the home of the Chavs, Chatham (or Charm as it is known locally). I presume that the photographer was from outside the area and didnt know the local lingo – Chav-speak – and wasnt bling or sporting some Burberry. Had the happy snapper been a seriously pregnat 15 year odl with ethnicity issues, I expect the plod would have donned their 7 league boots and hoofed outa dere pdq.

I snap all the time, anything with issues. Its one of the ways to protect yourself against false allegations. I am in the process of sourcing a spy camera to record malingering officialdom and make complaints.

I could tell you so much about the rampant incompetence of the local PC council but that would be off topic Cheers

I found your flickr whilst ambling through search results for a selfix Epsilon 16-20, not many people have them! I just wanted to say your work is beautiful and very inspiring. I don’t know why you blocked my contact on flickr so I’ll leave this here…. Lovely stuff.

Hannah Jean.

We are very grateful indeed to Alex for the time and trouble, not to mention the admirable persistance with which he has dealt with the police since his arrest. The outcome of the police investigation into his complaints has certainly clarified the legal position of both photographers and the police in these circumstances. Thanks to Alex, and the many, many people who have supported him during a stressful period, we all now know just where we stand in relation to street photography, police powers, The Terrorism Act etc. My own position has also been vindicated as I have long advocated refusing to provide personal details because of enhanced criminal records checks, that can include details of encounters with police and little more than ‘tittle-tattle’ that can be harmful to one’s reputation or employment prospects. Thank you again Alex. God bless you.

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