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After many years of knowing I need to be backing up my files I have taken action to do so.

I bought a WD external 1TB hard drive with auto back up software with it. Backed everything up a forget about it. For a few days.

Lots of things not right. FAQ and help topics indicate catastrophic failure. A phone call to the warranty line. A few quick questions has the unit condemned and a replacement on its way.

All sorted now. In the process of initial backups once more. Weird how the only hard drive failure I’ve had has been on an external drive that was obtained to counter such events.

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I outgrew my ageing 250GB backup drive last year and put off dealing with this for far too long. Finally sorted it out a few weeks ago. My problem was that every time I settled on the right combination of capacity/size/price, I’d read a bad review about how that particular unit was unreliable. Seems like so many of them have issues, regardless of manufacturer.
I ended up with a 1TB WD drive too, tho possibly not the same one as yours as it came without software (not an issue for me, I already had something I like).

Backing up is never going to be the most glamorous aspect of computing – boring even, but gotta be done. Call me paranoid, possums, but I have no less than three external hard drives squirrelling away my precious stuff and an off-site back-up to a trusted friend’s computer as well. Belt and braces, or what! Recently came across a freebie back-up program called Yadis. (No…….I don’t know either – before you ask).
This works in real-time, backing up designated files to whatever destination you choose. Any alterations are pretty instant. It will also send stuff over a network and if the destination is temporarily unavailable (as in a friend’s situation where the destination is a laptop and not always connected) it will catch up when it IS available. One way only – no synchronisation but that’s no quibble for the price!

Backing up is good practice, boring too, but loosing your work is not the disaster it might seem. I left my house a couple of years ago and could only carry a rucksack and a few bags so thousands of slides from the last twenty years were left behind. It seemed bad at first but now it just seems the same as when I do a pinhole job and half the pics don’t come out. It’s just fate, and what you got left is what’s meant to be. Not a bad thing to have an enforced almighty clear out either.

For years I kept loads of old crap. Once when I was moving it dawned on me that the only time I was ever conscious of the stuff I had held onto was in the process of moving. The boxes etc would be retrieved from storage to be put back in storage until the next time. Seemed a bit daft so I chucked a lot of what I had been keeping. Things like old school reports. They were nothing to be proud of and mostly opinionated rubbish from teachers that barely knew me. I can’t recall one instance of regret about anything I let go of.

Regardless though the tendency to become attached to that which has only temporal value is a sneaky little beast. The only thing I would be sad to lose now are pictures of the kids which I guess would probably be more secure if I had them printed. Everything else would be varying shades of inconvenience.

1TB of clutter and junk in a shiny black box with lights on. How sophisticated I have become with my hoarding!

I swing both ways on the hoarding thing. When I took a career break four years ago, I had an almighty clearout and the mental effects were unexpectedly liberating. But at the same time, over the years I have thrown away things that I’ve subsequently regretted.

I suppose the key issue is curation… being smart about what you keep and what goes. Particularly, being smart enough to understand that what you value now is not necessarily what you might value in ten years’ time. Documenting your life appropriately, I guess.

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