dancing in circles

I may have turned a corner. Either that or I’m just going round in circles. Work. That is. Anyhow here’s a fitting few to break my blogging silence.

Craftsmanship of the Medway kind. Some of the local music that has largely become the soundtrack to my life. The first video is The Singing Loins. Never thought I liked folk music before coming to live in Medway. It’s been and is an education of the best kind.  I knew nothing. The video was filmed by Glen Prangnell aka groovy uncle aka Graysbrooke on YouTube. Multi talented hero of Chatham.

Get this. As I was writing this post I just nipped over to MySpace to get the Loins URL there to post here and I’ve got a message from Rob, the banjo loin.  He was asking to use a photo of mine for an album cover. How great is that eh! I hardly ever go to MySpace these days either.

The next is Lupen Crook Worlds End. Just brilliant. The Crooked Family are part of ours by virtue of the stuff they put out. Elijah and Otis can pretty much name and sing along to all the their tunes. We love em! The video was filmed by another Medway legend, Dave Wise. Dave was the first person I met in terms of photography and music in Medway. A writer, photographer, videographer, all round decent bloke. Through his presence and work I first got to feel a part of this place for which I am grateful.

Many more I could add but this post has taken me ages. Maybe next one.


  1. I recommend…. the singing loins playing on a fabulous makeshift stage by the river outside The Command House in Chatham, eclectic yet friendly mix of Medway born and breds & their pals…. cider in hand, hazy sunny day… perfect! 🙂

  2. @ Sarah – The Command House is back on line for me this year so may see you down there sometime. I’m the one with the medieval looking cartoon head 🙂

    @ Barry – They’re great. Can’t believe you’ve not seen them live!

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