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how (in)convenient – City of Rochester Upon Medway, originally uploaded by monaxle.

Rochester used to have city status but this was lost in 1998 as a result of a civic oversight –

12 years on and this sign remains in Chatham bus station to remind us of those halcyon days!

The local council are now making a bid to have city status conferred once again but this time to incorporate the surrounding towns with Rochester and call the area Medway City.

A fair bit of feeling has been stirred up. The council propaganda machine is puffing steam and churning out the bullshit. The naysayers are typically indignant whilst being ignored. The silent majority is of course discounted.

My vote is for the nomenclature of the Medway Towns. Though it’s not an option that’s being mooted I don’t see that as a bad thing or even that it matters. It’s what the area is often referred to anyway by those that live here and those that don’t. The City is dead;  Long live the Medway Towns!

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I didn’t want the two councils merged. I did not want the City status to be lost. I don’t want Gillingham to have city status, but to the folks who have always lived in Rochester are proud to say they still refer to Rochester as a City and still is. Ever since the merger Rochester has become more and more like the rest of the towns. Only ten years ago we were shocked to hear of a mugging; now the Co-op on the Delce gets robbed on a daily bases. The City is not dead, its just the Council are hell bent on not preserving Rochester’s “affluent” status. The more time passes where nothing is being done, the “good” people of these Towns will move away leaving a crime ridden area where no one will want to move to. Its complex.

Hi Tim. The cause of social problems in Medway and elsewhere are as you say complex. I don’t think it has much to do with city status. Relative depravation is I think more the source which is of course accentuated by the popular media and increasing devision of the have and have nots. The apparent consensus that immediate gratification is a reasonable demand and the imbalance of rights over personal and social responsibility is in my view a significant factor behind the downward spiral you describe.

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